Ian P. Badtrousers

Our Bodies, In Chorus

How much do we know of love?
Damn enough.
Granted, I'm a badass fucking lover!
Loving, daring, so simple—
Perhaps all too well into
The crazy unabridged love of ours—
And so are you! Our bodies,
In chorus!
We couldn't care less for rhythm,
For we are in a boat and it floats
In very fine ways of rhythm—
For a lissome girl and her smart boy
With a pair of smart shoes,
Time flows
In–full frisson of dance, almost out—
Of control, this boat gently rocks me
From one side to the other.
I know to you it does the same, too.
My shoes make a clickity–clack,
Your teeth mirror the sound.
I embrace you. Our bodies,
In chorus!

Published: Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

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