1. Aletheia is a territory of discourse.

  2. Medium is the message.

    We create a world where anyone can have a platform and organize communities of interests. The architecture of this world embodies a vision of free, secure and valuable digital experience. Thus, one of Aletheia's major pillars is decentralisation; a structuring approach that implies just distribution of power among all actors to ensure every member of a community has a say in decision-making.

  3. We value meaning above all.

    Aletheia encourages those, who have something to say. We offer a new approach to organizing cyberspace, set to nurture a productive environment for all types of intellectual and creative activity. We prioritize smaller communities, where ideas receive more attention and feedback, over chaotic large-scale groups and reward relevant contributions. Unlike conventional social media, our main focus lies on proliferating an exchange of knowledge and experience within a given collective, rather than maximizing the number of participants; such approach avoids discussions from growing vague and unspecific.

  4. Right to anonymity is non-negotiable.

    We believe that everyone is entitled to anonymity and consider the protection of personal data to be our fundamental duty. Aletheians are presented with an option to transition between virtual identities — ephemeral masks — guaranteeing the source of speech is ever untraceable. Thereby, it makes possible for one to fragmentize their data, explicitly deciding what information should be associated with what mask, and be able to switch them at will.

  5. Everything must assume privacy by design.

    Aletheia adopts privacy by design approach, characterized by proactive rather than reactive measures: it anticipates and prevents privacy invasive events before they happen. Privacy by design does not await for privacy risks to materialize, nor does it offer remedies for resolving privacy infractions once they have occurred—it aims to prevent them from ever occurring.

  6. Innovation is our resistance.

    To be an Aletheian is to be a part of a revolutionary movement for the emancipation of the Internet and share the ideal of an enlightened cyberspace. Our goal is to accomplish a paradigm-shift in digital sphere by establishing a new kind of informed online community equipped with cutting-edge technology to make sure ideas nourish and find their way into a fruitful discussion.

  7. We declare Aletheia independent and autonomous.

    The corporate entity protecting Aletheia is distributed across various jurisdictions and is fully transparent about its funding. We disavow any cause other than these clearly beneficial to the Aletheian community. The fundamental principles of Aletheia won't ever be compromised by external agents.