Ian P. Badtrousers

The Button

Zodiac signs in the sky ascended.
Later—were timely rejected when
Rintrah leaned over the console
And gently pushed the button.
Man, by his faithful senses driven
At once was taught the art of living.
We would later sing songs of God,
Foolishly bescorn the loathsome Devil,
Be fearing Death and awaiting peril.
All that first allowed for story:
Firm persuation of allegory.
Later, for history—to develop
(In the face of suffering and pain.)
For now the mirage of will held tight
Yet still in the vain pursuit of
Unearthly delight, it seemed surreal:
Earth to us won't anymore feel real!
As in before underneath the button
From all over the sudden!..
The computers now were taking over
With the meticulously programmed
Schedule of the day and of the night...
Be our senses now goddamned!
As the attention undividedly gets drawn
To them all day and all night long.
Once we are absorbed by it—withdrawn.
Stroke after stroke, Rintrah lopes
His way throughout the Earth.

Published: Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020

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